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Best property management tool is the one that is always with you...

Landlordy is rental business management app for private landlord in the smartphone world – better than manual or spreadsheet based property management, easier to use, more personal and less costly than web or desktop based property management solutions made for professional property managers and real estate agents. Integrated with iPhone/iPad camera and connectivity features Landlordy lets you become more agile and better organized landlord.

Always up-to-date in your pocket or purse!


Manage properties and tenants

Rent invoices

Create and share rent invoices

Rent payments

Track rent payments, send rent receipts

Financial reports

Get instant financial reports


Manage rental business expenses


Organize related photos and documents

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A mobile companion for the DIY landlord

All the data in your hand

Manage information about properties, tenants and rent fees. Keep important notes like contact information, related photos and documents organized and easily accessible.

Keep an eye on tenant payments

Track rent payments on the go and get detailed tenant balance and payments history. Landlordy supports partial payments as well as advance payments.

Log expenses right when you pay

Register business expenses in seconds to get tax deductions for your rental income. Easily add expense receipts with mobile device camera.

Comply with appliance safety regulations

Manage information on appliances like furnaces and smoke detectors. Attach related documents, user manuals, etc. Keep track of appliance safety check / maintenance details.

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Be an even better landlord

Never forget what's important

Get reminded on outstanding payments and expenses due, know in advance when existing rent agreements has to be renewed or appliances needs safety checking / maintenance.

Always on top of your business

Get instant reports on your rental income and expenses for any individual property or all of them. Easily share financial data with your accountant via Dropbox.

Communicate effectively

Quickly send rent invoices, payment receipts and important documents to tenants using email or messages (or via other mobile apps supporting iOS sharing extensions e.g. WhatsApp).

Independent and organized

Manage your rental business on the road or from the beach. Have access to all information on your rental business and related documents few touches away, day or night.

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Better property management app

Easy to use

Set up your first property in less than minute. No training or manuals requried, if you use iPhone or iPad you already know how to use Landlordy.

Integrated document camera

Attach important documents using optimized document camera that provides document auto-detection with auto-cropping and b&w mode that saves space on your device.

Private and personal

All information remains private on your mobile device and your personal Dropbox – no sharing of your or tenant's data with 3rd party websites or online services.

Property management software that fits you

Download free version to make sure Landlordy fits your needs, unlock Personal Edition features (one time in-app purchase, no subscription fees) for unlimited number of tenants/properties, personalization, data export and Dropbox backup/restore.

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