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Landlordy is a property management app for landlords in the smartphone world.

Integrated with iPhone/iPad camera, email and messaging features, Landlordy helps you be a better organized landlord.

Landlordy is made for homeowners, buy‑to‑let real estate investors and residential property managers managing small portfolios of apartments, multifamily homes or vacation rentals.

Always up to date in your pocket or purse!


Manage properties and tenants

Rent invoices

Create and email rent invoices

Rent payments

Track rent payments, send receipts

Financial reports

Get instant cash flow reports


Manage rental business expenses


Organize related photos and documents

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A mobile companion for private landlord

Most important information in your hands

Manage information about properties, tenants and rent fees. Keep important notes like contact information, related photos and documents organized and easily accessible.

Keep track of tenant payments

Track rent payments on the go and get detailed tenant balance and payments history. Landlordy supports partial payments as well as advance payments.

Log expenses right when you pay

Register your expenses in seconds and keep them organized. Easily add photos of expense receipts using camera or attach your existing files/images.

Comply with appliance safety regulations

Manage data and related documents on your property appliances like furnaces and smoke/CO detectors. Keep track of appliance safety check / maintenance details.

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Be an even better landlord

Never forget what's important

Get reminders for outstanding payments and expenses due, know in advance when existing rent agreements has to be renewed or appliances require safety checking / maintenance.

Always on top of your business

Get instant financial report on your rental income and expenses for any individual property or all of them. Easily share financial data and related documents/photos with your accountant.

Communicate effectively

Quickly email/text payment receipts, rent invoices or expenses to tenants or your accountant. Print or share reports via email, messages or via other mobile apps that provides iOS sharing extensions (e.g. WhatsApp).

Independent and organized

Manage your rental business on the road or from the beach. Have access to all information on your rental business and related documents few touches away, day or night.

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Property management app that fits you

Simple and easy to use

Set up your first property in less than minute. If you are using iOS apps you already know how to use Landlordy, no training or manuals needed. But if you need help, we have you covered.

Details that matter

Optimized document camera that provides document detection and b&w mode that saves space on your device. Special keyboard that supports simple calculations. Drag & drop support for photos and PDF attachments. And more.

Landlordy + iPhone/iPad = 💚

From basics to details, Landlordy is designed to be the best property management app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Just ask our users.

Personalize for your needs

Download free version to make sure Landlordy fits your needs, unlock Personal Edition features (one time in-app purchase, no subscription fees) for unlimited number of tenants/properties, customization, data export and Dropbox backup/restore.

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