Landlordy Pricing and Availablity

Landlordy is currently available as paid ($49.99 in the US App Store) app or as freemium app with one-time in-app purchase ($49.99) for Personal Edition features. For more details on premium features see Personal Edition description.

Prices may vary for your country/region due to tax laws for local/sales/value added tax and conversion rates from U.S. Dollars.

Landlordy is available on iOS 11.0 and later.

App is optimized for iPhone 5S/SE/6/6S/7/8, iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max and iPad/iPad Pro with split screen support.

Get freemium app from the App Store (free download).
Buy paid app in the App Store.

Please remember that in most countries software used for property management is considered tax-deductible expense, so most probably you can include the costs of the Landlordy license in you tax declaration (check with your accountant).

Landlordy App Options

Freemium version - limitations

Personal Edition - features

Freemium version : Limitations

Freemium version of the Landlordy app is limited to single rental property/unit, single tenant lease and does not provide options for data backup/restore and personalization (e.g. you can't change templates for rent invoice, late notice or payment receipt sharing in the freemium app).

Data sharing and data export in the freemium app is limited to current month income/expenses only.

Personal Edition : Features

Personal Edition is a one time in-app purchase (not subscription) in the Landlordy freemium version to enable extra features. (Personal Edition is enabled automatically in the paid Landlordy Personal Edition app).

Landlordy (freemium app) with Personal Edition features enabled via in-app purchase has exactly the same features that Landlordy Personal Edition (paid app) does.

Personal Edition features include:

 Unlimited number of properties and rental units

 Unlimited number of tenants/rental agreements

 Unlimited number of appliances in the property/rental unit.

 Print and share cash flow reports and tenant balance statements - send reports via email, or other apps supporting .pdf files (e.g. WhatsApp).

 Export income and expenses as a .csv file with related images/PDFs to your personal Dropbox folder.

 Backup and restore app data to/from Dropbox - move app data between devices (including ones with a different iTunes account) and keep your data safe from being lost if your iPhone/iPad breaks, is lost or stolen.

 Customize expense categories - define new expense categories, rename or hide existing ones, define default tax deductible status for each category.

 Customize payment types - add new payment types/methods.

 Customize rent invoice template - change the default rent invoice text for sending it to tenant via email or message.

 Customize payment receipt template - change the default payment receipt text for sending it to tenant via email or message.

 Customize late notice - change the default late notice text for sending it to tenant via email or message.

 Customize shared expense template - change the shared expense text for sending it to tenant or your accountant via email or message.

 Customize appliance types - define new and change existing appliance types.

 Enable or disable reminders - get/hide reminders for outstanding rent payments, late payments, rent invoices for tenants, expenses due, upcoming lease renewals, your vacant properties and planned maintenance for your appliances.