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New Shortcut: Longtap On Unit/Tenant Name

May 2021 (version 2.6.1)

Longtap on rental unit/tenant name in the property list to reveal quick actions for adding expense, rent payment (with balance covering amount already filled), sending late rent notice to tenant and tenant contacting options (if tenant email and/or phone number is added to tenant details).

Check out other Landlordy shorcuts available with swipe or longtap.

Support for alternate email /browser apps

February 2021 (version 2.6.0)

Version 2.6.0 adds better support and improves user experience if you are using alternate email clients (e.g. Gmail) or if you have changed default web browser (e.g. to Chrome or Forefox) on your device with iOS14 installed.
Read more in the Changelog...

Landlordy Tip – Data Export For Your Accountant

January 2021

As tax season approaches, don’t forget about tax deductions for legitimate expenses related to running a rental property (including software costs) - check out this great guide and consult your accountant.

Use the data export feature for sharing your rental income and expense details with your accountant as spreadsheet-compatible .csv file. Use the [Include attachments] option to add related attachments (photos of the expense receipts) to the data export.

For analyzing data by yourself open the .csv file in spreadsheet apps such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.

Landlordy Tips: Shortcuts

October 2020

Some of the Landlordy features are available with simple gestures such as swipe or longtap. Here's a recap what you can do with these gestures:

 Swipe on reminder to send late rent notice
 Swipe/longtap to copy (or delete) rent invoice, payment or expense
Swipe actions in attached files/photos list
 Longtap on Landlordy icon to quickly log expense or rent payment
 Reassign rental expense to another property/rental unit

Read more on Landlordy shortcuts.

Support for iOS 14

September 2020 (version 2.5.5)

Version 2.5.5 adds support for iOS14, makes backups to Dropbox faster and has number of performance improvements and bug fixes.
Read more in the Changelog...

Improved document scanner

July 2020 (version 2.5)

Version 2.5 adds better document scanner with automatic shutter (just keep you camera steady for a few seconds) and option to scan multiple document pages at once.
Read more in the Changelog...

Recurring Expenses and Other Improvements

April 2020 (version 2.4)

Since the beginning of March when we released the latest Landlordy update, the world has changed. Yet, one constant has remained throughout the lockdown, which is our focus on making Landlordy a better, more useful app. Here’s what is new in Landlordy version 2.4. Read more...

Improved rent balance statements and printable rent receipts

March 2020 (version 2.3.5)

Latest Landlordy update adds option to print or share (as PDF file) rent payment receipt (Plus and Pro edition feature) and provides improved rent statement balance report with option to create balance statement for current month, this/last year in addition to full rent statement balance report.

Balance statement report includes more details to better accomodate legal and accounting requirements. Check out more details on the release in Landlordy Changelog.

Welcome Dark Mode!

July 2019 (version 2.1)

Landlordy 2.1.0 introduces dark mode (available in all premium app editions) as well as other improvements and bug fixes. Check out more details on the release in Landlordy Changelog.

Landlordy 2 Has Arrived

May 2019 (version 2.0)

Landlordy 2 is now available on the AppStore. Landlordy 2 comes with support for month-to-month leases, autogenerated rent invoices and improved reporting. Landlordy 2 lets you share PDF-format rent invoices and organize properties into multiple real estate portfolios. Read more...

2018 Year-end Update

December 2018

Can you believe it’s December already? During 2018 we released seven app updates. We spent a lot of time improving the foundation of Landlordy and we wanted to highlight some of the most important things we've done this year to enhance Landlordy's usability, performance and your data privacy. Read more...

Landlordy Shortcuts and Hidden Features

July 2018

Some of the productivity features in Landlordy are hidden from plain sight and available with simple gestures such as swipe, longtap or 3D force touch (on iPhone models that support this feature). Let's explore these features! Read more...

iOS11 Support and Drag&Drop on iPad

September 2017 (version 1.8.8)

The iOS 11 added new features for integrating access to third party cloud file system providers via the new Meanwhile iPads have received new multitasking features with support for drag and drop. Landlordy version 1.8.8 adds support for these new iOS features and makes it easier than ever to work with attached photos and files. Read more...

Appliances and Maintenance Records

December 2016 (version 1.8)

Landlordy version 1.8 adds support for appliances and appliance maintenance records to manage information on appliances and other inventory, keep maintenance records and provide you with reminders of upcoming maintenance/check dates. Read more...

PDF Support and Other Improvements

September 2016 (version 1.7)

During the last six weeks Landlordy received a number of updates focused on improvements for photo and document attachments (PDFs, finally!) and reminders. Yes, iOS10 support as well. Read more...

Printing, Sharing and More

April 2016 (version 1.6)

We have plenty of news on the latest Landlordy app update, including printing support, improvements in sharing and other changes that will make Landlordy more useful and enjoyable for you. Read more...

Better Reminders and Other Improvements

January 2016 (version 1.5)

We hope your holidays were lovely and 2016 is off to a wonderful start! We took some time to celebrate the New Year and use part of December and January to make Landlordy even better, smarter and easier to use. Version 1.5 of the app is approved by Apple and is available in the App Store. Read more...

Happy Holidays (and Document Camera)!

December 2015 (version 1.4)

New app name, new app features (specialized camera for taking photos of documents) and season greetings from the Landlordy team. Read more...

Easily Copy Invoices, Payments, Expenses (and Other Improvements)

October 2015 (version 1.3)

If your rent invoices, received payments and expenses are fixed from month to month, creating them for the current month can be as easy as swiping on the previous month invoice/payment/expense in the list and creating a copy. Read more...

Introducing Reminders

July 2015 (version 1.1)

Version 1.1 introduces a Reminders tab to remind you of late payments and expenses due, notify when it is time to create rent invoices for tenants in a timely fashion and know in advance when existing rent agreements are due to be renewed. Read more...