Introducing Reminders

July, 2015 - Landlordy app version 1.1 is approved by Apple and is available in the App Store .

New Reminders Tab

Landlordy version 1.1 introduced Reminders tab to show you timely reminders to help you be more pro-active landlord. There's what reminders can help you with:

 Late rent payments

 Rent invoices for tenants

 Unpaid expenses due

 Lease agreements due to renewal in next 90 days

 Vacant rental units

TIP: If you have registered rental unit for your own place of living (to account expenses for it) in the app, you can avoid reminders on vacant unit, rent invoices due and late rent payments by adding a rental agreement with yourself and setting First rent invoice date (in Agreement edit screen) far into future.

Improvements in Backup/Restore/Data Export

Data export, backup and restore process is now more reliable on slow network connections - files are uploaded/downloaded to/from Dropbox one by one. This makes export and backup/restore a bit slower but more reliable.

TIP: If data export or backup/restore fails, longtap on status message below Start/Stop button to see complete backup/restore/export log.

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