What's New In Version 1.5?

January, 2016 - I hope your holidays were lovely and 2016 is off to a wonderful start! We took some time to celebrate New Year and the rest of December and January - to make Landlordy better, smarter and more easy to use. Version 1.5 of the app is available on the App Store.

Reminder Improvements

Landlordy 1.5 introduces new reminder type for displaying outstanding payments showing total amount tenant owes you. This reminder will activate if last rent invoice to tenant is due or previous invoices are not fully paid.

If you have downloaded Landlordy Personal Edition or enabled Personal Edition features via in-app purchase you have new option in the Settings tab that allows you to disable or enable only certain types of reminders - so from now on you will only see reminders you care about. You can also enable or disable total number of reminders shown on the Landlordy app icon in device home screen.

And finally - reminders apply not only to current lease but past leases as well - so you will not forget that your last tenant(s) still owes you.

Adding Expenses to Rent Invoice

Previously adding your paid expenses to next tenant's rent invoice was possible but a little complicated. Since version 1.5 you can set the option to include expense in the next rent invoice right from the expense edit screen. When you will create rental invoice, the expense line will wait you to be included in the invoice at the bottom of invoice edit screen. To illustrate whole process we made a little 1 minute short video, hope it will make everything crystal clear:

So the next time your tenant lost keys or broke something it will be quick and easy to invoice him/her for the damage/extra expenses you had to cover.

Other Improvements

Better use of large iPad (especially these shiny big iPad Pro) screens displaying attached photos.

Lists of rent invoices now also displays payment due date for each invoice.

Fixed app crash when getting details from Contacts if contact has been linked with another contact entry in the Contacts. Landlordy has to ask access to your Contacts to avoid these crashes but your Contacts are totally private, we do not store or upload anything to our or third party servers from your address book.

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One More Thing

We are thankful for all your reviews for the Landlordy app in the App Store. We read every one of them and they are making us happy :) If you have suggestions or questions regarding Landlordy app, feel free to contact us.

Can we ask for a favor? If you like Landlordy, please show it to your landlord friends next time you meet, they might find it useful too. Beginning of the year is usually a time when people are most likely looking to new and better tools to help with all landlordy stuff including managing rental business financials. Thank you!

Landlordy team