Recurring Expenses and Other Improvements

Since the beginning of March when we released the latest Landlordy update, the world has changed. We’ve all trying to find ways of adapting to work from home while taking care of our kids and dealing with unexpected and unprecedented challenges affecting our businesses.

Yet, one constant has remained throughout the lockdown, which is our focus on making Landlordy a better, more useful app. Here’s what is new in Landlordy version 2.4.

Recurring Expenses, Finally

This is a feature that many of you asked for a while. Recurring expenses are now available for all Plus and Pro edition users. You can either register new expense as recurring or set any existing expense as recurring by opening expense edit screen and setting recurring period, end date (if recurring expense should end on a particular date) and status that should be applied for new recurring expense records generated by the app.

Arrears in Reminders

If you are tracking tenant balance (by adding rent due invoice records for the tenant manually or by using auto-recurring rent invoices), the Reminders tab will show the total amount for arrears (sum of all outstanding rent payments) when reminders are grouped by reminder type.

We also joined previously separate [Outstanding rent] and [Late rent payment] reminders into a single reminder. Check Settings-[Customize reminders] option to make sure that [Outstanding/late payments] reminder is enabled.

Additionally, if you have multiple unpaid expenses due or late, Landlordy also will show the total amount of unpaid expenses due in the corresponding reminder section.

Editing in the Reports Tab

Since version 2.4 editing of expenses and rent payments can be done directly from the Reports tab. No more switching tabs and hunting for that one particular expense or rent payment record with the wrong date or amount.

If the expense has been accidentally assigned to the wrong rental property/unit, don't forget that you can re-assign expense to another property/unit by using the long-tap shortcut on the expense header while you are in the expense editing screen.

Other Improvements

There are more improvements and fixes in the version 2.4, please update the app and check out the full list of changes in the Landlordy Changelog.

Stay in Touch

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the latest Landlordy update via email or in your AppStore ratings/reviews for Landlordy.