Happy Holidays (and version 1.4)!

December, 2015 - Landlordy app version 1.4 is approved by Apple and is available in the App Store.

New name for the app – Landlordy

When we launched our mobile app for private landlords, we made it available in two versions.

The Property was free app with optional in-app purchase for Professional Edition extras

Landlordy was paid-upfront app with the same features as The Property with Professional Edition enabled

This made some confusion and questions from potential users of the app that tried to understand what are the differences in features and why the apps with the same in screenshots and similar app icons has different names. We decided to make it crystal clear and from version 1.4 our app has the same name and as before is available in two versions.

Landlordy (free) – free app with optional Personal Edition in-app purchase for premium features.

Landlordy Personal Edition – paid-upfront app with Personal Edition premium features already enabled.

Landlordy (free) app with purchased Personal Edition in-app is (and will be) with the same functionality as Landlordy Personal Edition app.

Document Camera

Besides other (smaller) improvements In latest app version we added Document Camera - custom photo camera optimized for taking photos of documents. Document camera has these features:

Simple Flashlight on/off option – to lighten up document if needed.

Black&White on/off option – photos taken in black & white will be much smaller in size and will save space on your mobile device.

Autodetection on/off option – with Autodetection camera will try to detect document frame and keep only relevant part of photo. Autodetection can help you take better photos of documents and receipts that are not in standard A4 sizes and also will make document photos smaller in size (saving space on your mobile device).

To use Autodetection just point your camera and wait until red rectangle covers your document, then take photo). We made a quick video on how to use this feature:

Happy Holidays From Landlordy Team!

This time instead of giving you list of articles on the Web that we found interesting we just wanted to wish you happy holidays season. We really appreciate your business and wish you the best in the coming year!

P.S. If you want to send greetings to us, the best way would be to add your review/rating for the Landlordy app in the App Store (you can do this from app itself in About tab). That would make us really happy :)