Version 1.8.2 – Critical Bugfix

December 21, 2016 - With help of our users we found a terrible software bug that during export of reports deleted from the Landlordy app some images/files you have attached to expenses or payments.

We have fixed this bug in version 1.8.2 that is available in the App Store. Please update Landlordy to this version as soon as possible.

About the bug in the Landlordy

During export of data in the Reports tab (using [EXPORT] button) software bug in Landlordy sometimes removed files/image attachments that have been added to payments and/or expenses. This bug affected files/images you added from external sources (iCloud, Dropbox etc.) and those images you have deleted from the Photo Library shortly after you have attached them to expense or payment in the Landlordy. This bug manifests in Landlordy versions from 1.6.0 to 1.8.1.

What you should do?

First - create backup of your Landlordy data using [Settings-Backup data]. We recommend you to perform backups to Dropbox at least once a month, or better - once a week. At the moment you should create backups manually but we are working to implement automatic backups in the future releases.

Second - update Landlordy to version 1.8.2 (or later, if available) from the App Store.

Third - restore Landlordy data from your latest backup using [Settings-Restore]. This should restore (if they were backed up earlier) any images/files that were attached to expenses or payments in the Landlordy and lost becouse of the bug during the reports export process.

After these steps inspect expenses and payments in the Landlordy - open and check if you see gray area with exclamation sign and "Can't load file" message in the attachments section. If you still have relevant image/photo saved somewhere, attach it and delete missing attachment entry.

If you don't longer have relevant image/photo, please contact and we will try help you individually to recover what's possible.

IMPORTANT - Never manually delete or move any folders or files that are in your Dropbox/Apps/LandlordyApp and Dropbox/Apps/PropertyApp folders. It can cause Landlordy app to fail to backup or restore data correctly and prohibits us to help you recover data from bits and pieces in case of problems.

How did it happen and what we are doing for the future?

We failed to catch this bug early and we are really sorry. We were so excited to bring new features (pdf support and adding attachments from external sources) that we did not test carefully enought existing app functionality after introducing a lot of changes in Landlordy app. Unfortunately we did not have fully automated tests in place to catch this bug.

To avoid similar problems in future we changed how we test Landlordy before releasing it to the App Store. We will take time to develop and maintain automated tests that will test entire app and ensure essential app functionality is not broken by new app releases.

Landlordy team