Landlordy version 1 Changelog

This is changelog for Landlordy version 1. For details for most recent Landlordy versions, go to Landlordy changelog.

Version 1.9.5

 Added option to register expenses with 0.00 amount. Can be used e.g. for tracking utility bills without consumption in the current period.

 Added option to track negative rent payments. Can be used if you prefer to track received rent payment cheque and following bounce/NSF notification as two separate payment entries (instead of updating payment amount to 0).

 Added new template field ($tenantCurrentAmountDue) and updated default templates for invoice, payment receipt and late payment notice. Please use [Reset] button in the template edit screens to apply new default templates.


 Added support for latest iPad model screen sizes.

 Data export in Reports tab now uses iOS sharing sheet for sharing .csv data with your income/expense transactions (with or without attached files).

 Improved support for increased text sizes if you have enabled large font sizes in the General-Accessibility section.

 When reassigning expense (by longtapping on header in the edit screen) to another property/unit, currently assigned property/unit is selected as default choice in the picker.


 Fixed occasional app crash when trying to attach image from Photos if you have denied access to Photos for the app.

Version 1.9.4

 Multiple images or pdf files can be added as attachments at once when attachments are selected from Files (use [Select] button in the document picker to select multiple files and then confirm your choice with [Open] button).

 Photo/attachment picker has [Paste from clipboard] option if there are images or pdf files copied in clipboard.

 Tenant delete dialog includes clarification how to handle tenant move-out without deleting existing tenant data.

 Added option in Settings tab to quickly open privacy section for Landlordy in the, to manage Landlordy access to camera, photos and other privacy options.

 Settings-Backup data row shows how much time passed since last backup of the app data.

 Support for iOS12 and new device screens.

 Performance improvements.


 Fixed issue when app premium features were not enabled immediately after AppStore dialog screen for buying purchase.

 Fixed issue on iPad where expense edit screen is not dismissed after [Save] or [Cancel] if expense was added by sharing pdf or image from another app via iOS sharing sheet "Copy to Landlordy" action.

 Fixed issue on iPad when content of information page from About section did not fit in the screen after a rotation of the device.

 Fixed issue when tapping on data backup reminder did not launched "Backup data" screen.

 Fixed issue when photo attachment could not be shared ("Can't load attachment" warning) immediately after adding.

Version 1.9.2

 Added option to delete appliance types, payment types or expense categories in Settings tab.

 Added badge/update section in About tab if new app version is available from the App Store.


 Fixed issue when app may occasionally crash if you half-swipe screen forth and back while in template edit and/or property view screens.

Version 1.9.1

 Fixed issue when app may occasionally crash while checking for new app updates.

Version 1.9.0

 Added swipe action on Outstanding/Late payment reminder to send late rent notice to tenant.

 Added swipe action on "Maintenance late" reminder to quickly add related event to your Calendar (scheduled next day at 11am).

 Added option to share appliance details (including all attached photos/files) via email or messages.

 Templates for late rent notice and shared appliance details can be modified in Settings tab (Personal Edition feature).

 Added option to opt out from sharing app crash data and anonymized analytics with developer (new Settings-Privacy section).


 Added option to set key photo for appliance (tap on photos while in appliance edit screen and swipe on photo to reveal actions).

 Payment notes can be included in the shared payment receipts by adding ($paymentNotes) field to payment receipt template.

 Lease end reminder opens tenant agreement (instead of rental unit dashboard).

 Property name and rental unit name are separate columns in the exported .csv file.

 More clear warning message if email sharing with is not configured for your device.

 Default templates for rent invoice and payment receipt sharing include property/unit name in the email subject.

 Performance improvements.

 Updated Privacy Policy.


 Fixed issue when app may crash or show old (previous) data immediately after restore from backup.

 Other minor bugfixes.

Version – 1.8.12

- Improved accessibility for Reports tab when using VoiceOver.
- Performance improvements.

== FIXED ==
- Fixed issues for entering decimals with French/Canada regional settings.
- Fixed issue for saving tenant lease agreement when lease start date is the same as first rent payment date.
- Fixed issue for not displaying correct tenant/rental unit after rent payment is added via 3D touch.

Version – 1.8.11

== FIXED ==
- Fixed issue with entering decimals for some languages/regions.

Version – 1.8.10

== FIXED ==
- Fixed app crash when exporting data on devices with iOS9.

Version – 1.8.9

== NEW ==
- Share registered expense details with your tenant or accountant. Sharing via email or messages will also include attached images or pdf files. Template for shared expenses can be customized in the Settings tab.

- Added option to get help for available variables in the template edit screen.

== FIXED ==
- Fixed bug in the appliance view screen - installation date not displayed if warranty date not filled.
- Fixed issue when not launched with tenant phone number after tapping on tenant phone number and choosing [Send message] option.
- Other minor issues fixed.

Version – 1.8.8

== NEW ==
- On iPad you can drag and drop images and PDF files into Landlordy from other apps and from Landlordy to other apps as well. Drop photos and PDFs (from other apps to Landlordy) in all edit screens with attachment support. Dragging attachments (from Landlordy to other apps) is available both in scrollable attachment list and  attachment preview screen.

- Added option to quickly search appliance related information by tapping on appliance name/code in the appliance view screen.
- Added warning message about using document camera on iPad when app is in split mode (app needs to be in full screen mode to access camera).

== FIXED ==
- Fixed crash in rental unit dashboard if rental unit has large number of image/file attachments.

Version – 1.8.7

This version prepares app for upcoming iOS 11 version and includes user experience improvements and bug fixes.

== NEW ==
- Added reminder for data backups to avoid data loss if your device breaks or gets lost.
- Support for PDF attachments available also in the free app version.

- Easier to add new tenants/leases directly from the rental unit dashboard.
- Tenant phone/email fields have more relevant keyboards in the agreement edit screen.
- App provides warning if entered tenant email address appears to be invalid.
- Next invoice reminder won't appear if tenant lease agreement fees are set to zero.
- Sharing options for payment and rent invoice are more prominent and easier to tap.
- App will let you know if your Dropbox is out of space during data backup or export.
- Other user interface improvements.

== FIXED ==
- Fixed issue with app occasionally becoming unresponsive after saving new expense.
- Your reminder settings (in the Settings tab) are saved with data backup.

Version – 1.8.6

This version lets you quickly add expense receipts from email and includes other minor improvements and bug fixes.

== NEW ==
- Add expense receipts from email and other apps – selecting [Open in Landlordy] in image/pdf share sheet will add new expense in Landlordy with already attached image/pdf file from the share sheet.
- Quickly add tenant payments from device home screen – force touch on Landlordy icon to quickly add payment via 3D Touch shortcut.

- Added icons in the property/unit selection picker in the Reports tab to make it more easy to distinguish between property and rental units in that property.
- Added [Clear] button in calculator keyboard to quickly clear amount field.
- Tenant balance sharing is enabled also for free Landlordy version users.
- Better layout between master and details sections when Landlordy is running on iPad.

== FIXED ==
- Fixed issue when too long property/unit name will cover period selection control in the Reports tab.
- Fixed issue when details section was too narrow if Landlordy is running on the iPad using split screen alongside with another app.
- Fixed problem with sharing image/pdf from Landlordy to another device or computer via AirDrop.

Version – 1.8.5

This update includes minor improvements and bug fixes.

== NEW ==
- Added option to change template subject line for rent invoice/payment receipt sharing via email (Personal Edition feature).
- Added new ($paymentReceivedFrom) field for payment receipt template for situations when rent is paid by 3rd party (e.g. spouse of the tenant). Updated default invoice/payment receipt templates. Use [Reset] button in the template edit screen to see all available template fields of the default template (Personal Edition feature).

- Photos taken with [Take photo of document] option now saved only in Landlordy without creating a copy of the photo in Photos app. Use [Take photo] option if you want photo be saved both in Landlordy and Photos app.
- Invoice lines created from expenses includes expense payment date in the details field, not just month.
- Added progress bar for data export/backup/restore screens.
- Available export options visible by default in the [Export data] screen.
- Exported .csv file is prefixed with byte order mark to increase compatibility with Unicode supporting apps.
- All amounts in the .csv exported file are included in double quotes to confirm to RFC-4180 standard. Removed option to set semicolumns as column separators in .csv file.
- Negative amounts in the exported .csv data file prefixed with hyphen (-) instead of typographic Unicode minus sign (−) to improve compatibility with older apps.

== FIXED ==
- Fixed issue when tenant balance $0.00 was displayed with minus sign.
- Fixed issue when next invoice reminder was off by day.
- Fixed bug in the [Export data] screen that ignored user selected  "Include attachments" option.

- Updated how app connects to Dropbox to comply with Dropbox requirements (APIv2). You might have to re-authorize Landlordy-Dropbox connection.

Version – 1.8.4

Added more Copy actions:
- Swipe on rent invoice line in the rent invoice edit screen to quickly create a copy of the invoice line with the same name/amount;
- Swipe on appliance record in the rental unit/property dashboard to quickly create a copy of existing appliance;
- Swipe on appliance maintenance record to quickly create copy of the maintenance/safety check record with today's date.

Fixed bug where attached image for maintenance record was not backed up/preserved if image was attached from the Photo Library.

Version – 1.8.3

Register new expenses quickly from home screen by pressing firmly on Landlordy app icon (on devices that support 3D Touch).

Expenses and appliances section now available for single-unit properties as well (previously only multi-unit properties had expenses and appliances section available and expenses and appliances for single-unit properties had to be registered at rental unit dashboard).

Paid expense lists displays related property and rental unit for expenses.

Fixed bug that on some occasions might crash app on launch or after restore from backup.

Version – 1.8.2

Fixed bug that removed previously added attachments for expenses or payments while exporting reports.
Read more about the bug and what you should do.

Version – 1.8.1

Fixed problem that on rare occasions may cause app crashing on launch.

Version – 1.8.0

Manage information on essential rental property/unit appliances like gas heaters, smoke and CO detectors, metering devices etc. Attach important documents like user manuals, error codes and related photos to appliance details to access them quickly when needed.

Manage details on appliance maintenance/check records (including related documents/photos). Get reminders when next appliance maintenance checks are due.

Version – 1.7.2

Added support for one-time lease agreements (airbnb & other short-time leases).

You can set "Payment due" days to zero (immediate) in the agreement details.

Fixed issues in property edit screen and rental unit edit screen when app occasionally get unresponsive to user taps.

Fixed few spelling errors and some bugs.

Version – 1.7.1

Fixed app crash if you denied access to Contacts for the app and then tried to get tenant or service provider details from Contacts anyway.

Fixed bug when newly attached files disappear after backup to Dropbox (attached files however are safe in the Dropbox). Please perform backup once more and then restore from this last backup to get all attachments back in the app.

Fixed issue in rental unit screen when tapping on tenant balance, payment or invoice occasionally does not open corresponding balance details screen on first try.

Version – 1.7.0

Added support for PDF files (Personal Edition feature):
- attach PDF documents to expenses, payments and tenant/property information by choosing related files from iCloud, Dropbox and other apps that supports document pickers.
- quickly view saved PDF documents directly in the app and share them with other apps
- added PDF support for data export, backup and recovery.

Fixed problem where attached photo was not immediately saved within app that can cause photo to disappear.

Fixed problems connecting app with Dropbox when Dropbox app is installed on local device.

Version – 1.6.7

Attached image view screen now shows your notes alongside image.

Fixed issues with document camera saving portrait images in landscape on iOS10.

Other bugfixes.

Version – 1.6.6

Improvements for Reminders - now you can group your actual reminders by rental property, reminder type and importance.

Fixed bugs.

To use app version 1.6.6, your device has to be updated to latest iOS9 version (9.3) or iOS10. This is neccessary to keep your data safe and to let us maintain and develop Landlordy in line with latest improvements and features in iOS.

Version – 1.6.5

Option to attach images from iCloud, Dropbox and other apps/services that provide document selection pickers for images.

Usability and performance improvements, improved support for upcoming iOS version.

Version – 1.6.4

Added support for keyboard shortcuts if you are using app with Bluetooth keyboard. Hold Command key on the keyboard to see available shortcuts for current screen.

Added support for dynamic text.

Fixed- app crash on iPad2 when selecting photo from large photo library.

Other bug fixes and small improvements.

Version – 1.6.3

Fixed - backup accidentally fails (but reported as successful) if you back up on slow and/or lossy network (EDGE or slow 3G) connection. Sorry for all affected by this bug, it was really hard to catch it, thanks for being nice.

Fixed - month number was used instead of minute in the backup naming.

Version – 1.6.2

Fixed crash on iPad when tapping on the tweet details in What’s New screen (About tab).

Fixed bug that accasionally deleted Dropbox backup you have just performed.

Version – 1.6.1

Fixed app crash after restore from backup on iPad.

Fixed share sheet position on iPad (was outside of the screen).

Other small UI changes and bug fixes.

Version – 1.6.0

Added tenant details tab with all relevant information, including agreement summary, fees and tenant phone and email (and you can quickly email/call/message your tenant right from there) - check out balance screen. Even better - you can edit tenant/agreement details right from there! Convenient, huh?

Related - tenant emails and phone will be filled automatically if you choose tenant data from and if you have relevant details in your address book.

Printing (finally!) and sharing (send/save pdf file via email, messages or default sharing sheet) support for tenant balance statements and reports.

You can now add rent payments with 0 (zero) amount to keep details on bounced tenant checks (recommended approach is to create separate payment category for these checks).

VERY IMPORTANT CHANGE: previous app versions used links to photos from your Photo Library (but did not copy images themselves). Since version 1.6 attached photos will be copied to Landlordy app - it means that app size will become much more bigger because of these photos, but you will be able to delete images you don't want to see in your Photo Library (like expense receipts) without loosing them in app. We did our best to make sure app transfer these photos without your involvement, but please make sure that everything works and you have backed up (using Settings-Backup data) before you jump to clean your Photo Library from these receipts. If something does not quite work, please let us know on (and sorry!).

Significantly improved performance. If you have more than 10 rental units you will feel the difference.

Fixed bugs/crashes. Some big, some small.

It feels almost like version 2.0, no?

Version – 1.5.1

Fixed crash when selecting service provider for expense from Contacts.

Other performance improvements.

Version – 1.5.0

New reminder type for outstanding payments showing total amount tenant owes you. This reminder is active if last rent invoice is due or previous invoices are not fully paid.

Disable/enable certain types of reminders - enable only these reminders you care about. You can also enable/disable total number of reminders shown on the Landlordy app icon in device home screen.

Want to include expense you paid in tenant's next rent invoice? Now you can create corresponding line for next rent invoice from the expense registration/edit screen (previously it was a little bit more complicated).

Better use of large (especially iPad Pro) screens displaying attached photos.

List of rent invoices now also displays payment due date for invoice.

Fixed app crash when you selected contact from Contacts that has been linked with another contact entry. App will have to ask access to your Contacts to avoid these crashes but your Contacts are totally private, we do not store or upload anything to our or third party servers from your address book.

Can we ask for a favor? If you like our app, please show it to your fellow landlords, they might find it useful too. Thank you!

Version – 1.4.0

Our little app got a new, nice and meaningful name – Landlordy.

But this update is not just about new name.

Added Document camera option for taking photos of documents. Document camera supports flashlight (to lighten up document if needed), Black&White mode that helps you reduce document photo size and thus saves space on your mobile device and automatic document frame detection that will help you take better photos of documents/receipts that are not in standard A4 sizes (point your camera and wait until red rectangle covers your document, then take photo).

Added hints for some screens (tips appear at the top of screen if you pull it downwards).

Added option to easily subscribe to app newsletter in the Settings tab. Please subscribe to get infrequent (less than once per month) email on important app releases, hints and tips using app. No spam.

Fixed issues in photo selection grid on iPad when rotating device.

Fixed crash that can happen when you delete photo from image list while editing photo description.

Other small (under the hood) improvements.

Version – 1.3.1

Quick and simple way to copy existing rent invoices, payments or expenses - swipe from right to left on on row in the invoice, payment or expense list. Useful if amounts and other details stay the same for your regular expenses, invoices and payments.

Quickly create payment for last rent invoice - swipe from right to left on [Last rent invoice] row in the rental unit dashboard.

Add details for rent payments received from 3rd parties (e.g. spouse of tenant, local council etc.).

Subsequent data backups will be quicker (will not backup photos that were backed-up in previous backups).

Version – 1.2.2

Support for split screen mode on supported iPad models.

Rental unit name can be modified for single-unit properties.

Current tenant balance now can included (if appropriate) in invoices and payment receipts you share with tenants - use ($currentBalance) and ($todayDate) in your templates. You can reset templates in Settings tab to preview invoice/payment receipt examples and modify templates according to your needs.

Fixed issue: .png photo files not restored from backup. Fixed few bugs that might crash app.

Version – 1.2.1

Extra option in Export screen allowing to exclude related photos (for expenses and payments) from data export.

Exported .csv file now contains Totals row with summary revenues and expenses for selected data period.

Fixed bug in the invoice edit screen (delete/postpone/include buttons does not work on iOS 9).

Fixed app crash when pressing [Share rent invoice] button in the invoice view screen.

Version – 1.2.0

Even better support for iPad screens (see more information at once).

Easy follow app news and updates (About tab).

Fixed bugs that might crash app. More consistent use of terminology. Fixed appearance inconsistencies.

Version – 1.1.2

Exported financial report .csv file will contain notes you have added to expenses and received rent payments.

While exporting financial data you can choose decimal and column separators for .csv file for better compatibility with spreadsheet (Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, etc.) applications in different countries.

Fixed known bugs.

Version – 1.1.1

Add your notes to photos that are attached to property/rental unit/rent agreement/payment or expense. Might be useful while inspecting your property during tenancy or between tenancies - take photo and describe problem. Sharing of the photo will share related note as well.

Fixed few crashing bugs.

Version – 1.1.0

Reminders! Reminders tab shows you actual reminders on late payments and expenses due, reminds you to create rent invoices for tenants and let you know when existing lease agreements are due to renewal.

Backup and restore process is now more reliable on slow network connections - files are uploaded/downloaded to/from Dropbox one by one - this might be a bit slower (on fast networks) but more safe. If something fails, tap on status message below Start/Stop button to see complete backup/restore log.

Version – 1.0.2

Added custom reporting periods (choose period start and end date) in Reports for countries where tax reporting year is different from calendar year.

Expenses can be added also from rental unit/property Paid expenses screen.

- Photo quality of the key image (if multiple photos added) for property/unit/agreement/expense

Fixed bugs:
- New expense does not take into account taxable/non-taxable status from expense category

Note: After app update you might be required to restore in-app purchases if you have previously purchased Personal Edition extra features. Sorry for trouble.

Version – 1.0.1

Add invoices and payments for past (and future) rental agreements from rental unit screen.

Fixed crashes happening during rotation while adding new tenant/agreement data.

Version – 1.0.0

The Property is an app for self-managing landlords who are taking care of managing their properties, tenants and rentals by themselves.

Create and send rental invoices to tenants, track rent payments and expenses, keep track of tenant balance and payments history. Get instant financial reports with an option to share financial data with your accountant.

- Create and share rent invoices with tenants
- Track rent payments (incl. partial payments), send rent receipts
- Get tenant balance, payment and invoicing history
- Manage rental business expenses
- Instant financial reports
- Manage tenants and rent agreements
- Organize and manage related info and photos
- Share financial data via Dropbox (incl. related photos for expenses)

Keep your data personal on your device without sharing it with 3rd parties. No monthly subscription fees.

Unlock Personal Edition features with single one-time payment :
- Unlimited number of properties and rental units
- Unlimited number of tenants/rental agreements
- Data export, backup & recovery
- Customize rent invoice and payment receipt for sharing with tenant
- Add/disable/rename expense categories and payment types